Welcome to Efco -The Gas Apparatus Safety and Service Specialists!

If you are a large scale Gas Apparatus user you need Efco in your contact list. We are the true One Stop Shop for all your Gas Apparatus needs. We have the best prices and the best selection of torches, regulators and flow meters to get you going and keep you going.

Efco custom builds Cutting and Demolition torches out to 20 feet long with cutting capacity of up to 60 inches of plate steel so whatever you need we have it, can make it or will find it for you. We have over 500 torches (Cutting, Combo, Machine) in stock with quality brands like Airco, Air Liquide, Concoa, Smith, Miller, Uniweld, Prostar, Linde, Oxweld, Purox, Victor, Harris, Koike and more as well as our own custom built torches.

We can supply both new and refurbished equipment for substantial savings and are a Factory Authorized Repair and/or Warranty Centre for Esab, Victor, Smith/Miller, Harris, Tescom, Matheson, Airco & Uniweld branded equipment.

Efco has been Torch-Smiths since our beginning in 1956 (Pascal Equipment Corporation) and today service customers from the East Coast to British Columbia and as far south as Texas. Our impeccable quality control standards have given us a perfect track record of absolute safety and made Efco the “preferred repair facility” for all the major industrial gas distributors and Steel Mills in Canada.

There are lots of companies and “jobbers” that do gas apparatus repair services but very few that do them well and most are NOT INSURED and work from home with little to no training. Efco maintains a FULLY INSURED $5M Liability coverage and has had ZERO claims, lawsuits or incidents since our beginning over 60 years ago and our most junior technician has over 25 years experience rebuilding gas app. Do you want someone new packing your parachute or a true seasoned professional? -Gas Apparatus is no different because if it is rebuilt wrong -you have a potential bomb in your hands!

If you have equipment in need of repair send it to us. Our address is:

Efco Inc . 97 Brant Road . Paris . ON . N3L-3E1 . 519.448.4600

For new customers or if you need equipment please call 519.774.5000.

For existing customers please call 519.448.4600 or efco.inc(at)gmail.com -swap out the at for @ as this is intentionally typed this way to prevent spam bots.